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DKXarmor provides agencies, professionals and armor suppliers

with the finest and most innovative hard armor technology available. Our hard armor inserts are made from DSMs Dyneema®; the worlds strongest fiber™.

Fits day packs, ruck sacks, brief cases and ... coming soon, light weight super low profile carrier.

Certified Level III 0101.06Level IIIa stops most pistol rounds. 3/8" ThickWeighs 18-20 ouncesWithstand Multiple HitsPositive Buoyancy - it floats100% Durable Dyneema Ballistic MaterialExceeds minimum NIJ test standardsExtended lifespan 7 year warranty10x12: rectangular, shooters cut or tombstone top

DKX IIIA pistol plates

Front & Back View

Back face, .308; 30.06; .223;

45acp. No perforation.

Field plates have opaque back face

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Floating plate

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